In 2010, MAJ Matt Golsteyn deployed to Afghanistan with the 3rd Special Forces Group. During the largest operation of the entire war, two Marines working with his unit were killed by an improvised explosive device (IED) planted on a booby-trapped door. Three additional Marines were injured.

After the battle, a local tribal leader identified the Taliban bomb-maker responsible for the attack, and Matt’s team brought the suspect into custody.

Unfortunately, due to the Rules of Engagement (ROEs), they had to release the enemy combatant even though he was a great danger to our troops.

Matt knew the IED maker still posed an imminent threat to the men under his command and the Afghan civilians who were aiding them — so Matt placed himself in grave danger to set up an ambush in case the bomb-maker attempted to rejoin his terrorist unit, which he did.

Matt engaged and ultimately killed the Taliban insurgent to keep the bomb-maker from harming more of his men and to protect the local informants from retaliation.

His actions were in accordance with the ROEs and consistent with U.S. tactics conducted throughout the war.

When Matt returned home from that deployment, he was highly recruited by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to work clandestine operations. During a pre-employment polygraph test, Matt discussed his combat experiences in Iraq and Afghanistan.

He never thought twice about that conversation because he did nothing wrong. The CIA offered him the job, and he was excited about the opportunity to serve our county in a new capacity.

But the Army opened an investigation based on words attributed to Matt by a special agent with the Criminal Investigative Division (CID).  The agent even admitted under oath that he put his words into Matt’s mouth!

A FOUR-YEAR investigation yielded no evidence of wrongdoing, and Matt was never charged with any crime.

However, the Army rescinded Matt’s approved Distinguished Service Cross and stripped him of his Special Forces tab — honors he worked so very hard to earn.

This was a slap in the face to an honorable and highly decorated warrior.  

Then in 2016, the Army used Matt’s Fox News interview as an excuse to reopen the investigation. 

And in December 2018, the Army recalled Matt to active duty at Fort Bragg for the sole purpose of charging him with premeditated murder.

Matt cancelled his Article 32 hearing in March because the “new evidence” in his case was not credible.  The Commanding General referred Matt’s case to court-martial on May 15th.  A date has not yet been scheduled.